How can you develop a future-proof strategy when limited by the technologies of today?

Global enterprises pursuing a unified communications strategy for the future can often find themselves limited by the past. Unifying traditionally separate domains of voice, video, audio and web collaboration, messaging, desktop applications and supporting networks raises challenges around integration, writing-off or retaining old assets and changing user behaviour. 'Rip-and-replace' is rarely an option. And then there is the question of the latest functionality users demand that needs to work with existing technologies seamlessly: how do you collaborate with customers, suppliers and service providers when everyone uses different platforms? And how does all of this get enabled globally? 

The solution lies in implementing a consistent and seamless global collaboration experience, inside your organisation and for business-to-business, across disparate technology partner platforms, software and end points. Taking a vendor-independent and platform-independent approach can help enterprises adopt Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) at their own pace, reaping the benefits while managing the risk.

There is a better way without limitations. 

With our modular portfolio of Unified Communications services – and  a complete range of innovative solutions – we can help you leverage your existing assets while enabling an advanced, future-proof UC strategy now that delivers seamless connectivity and a globally consistent experience for your internal teams, customers, partners and other external constituents. Through our modular comprehensive portfolio of global voice, unified conferencing, managed services, cloud contact centre and real-time communication APIs, we can make your UC strategy work for you regardless of your starting point. 

As the largest international voice carrier with more than 1600 service provider partnerships and a global, Tier-1 IP network that comprises 24% of world’s internet routes, we have the world-class technologies and infrastructure you need to succeed. Working together, we can help you move beyond the legacy-bound methods and limitations of the past with a globally consistent, vendor-independent approach that successfully embraces the future – all on your terms.