Deliver more for your customers, faster. 

Our investments in high-speed, low-latency, multiple topology options are MEF-certified WAN Ethernet services, with future-proof technology.

With responsibility for the critical applications and sensitive information your customers run globally, you need a WAN Ethernet servicesyou can rely on. Available on dedicated and shared platforms, with speeds of up to 10 Gbps in point-to-point or multipoint configurations, we deliver your customers traffic on the shortest path, with the lowest latency and deterministic routing.  Our direct Points of Presence in over 50 countries, connected via our round-the-world TGN cable systems and partners, enable the reach to your offices globally.

When deploying advance IT strategies like virtualisation, you need future proof technology  our next-generation Ethernet offers maximum scalability of VLANs, MAC addresses and service end-points.  With MEF 9 and 14 certification and our Enterprise SLA Option to guarantee quality end-to-end, our Ethernet services will satisfy the most stringent WAN requirement.


Ethernet map
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