Today’s voice market provides exciting opportunities to monetize IP convergence and enable innovation for providers that can successfully navigate a crowded landscape and squeezed margins.

Tata Communications enables you to reach success with innovative, high-quality solutions and efficient partnership models that help you to maximize revenue and gain a competitive edge. Partner with us and benefit from:

  • Leading-edge services

    To enable you to differentiate in the market and deliver an optimal end-user experience, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality transport and termination services, including Voice Direct Transit and HD Voice.
    To help you launch new VoLTE service propositions, we provide a comprehensive VoLTE trial program. This provides a complete testing and trial environment with other service providers to ensure VoLTE and VoLTE Roaming inter-operability. If you would like to join the trial program please click on the banner on this page to register your interest.  

  • Quality focused

    We know how critical quality is to customer loyalty and revenue. That is why we take a comprehensive approach to improving call quality, spanning people, technology, investments and processes, and are pioneers in industry anti-fraud initiatives such as False Answer Supervision (FAS) detection and remediation.

  • Strategic partnerships

    We enable you to better focus on core corporate initiatives with partnership models such as Voice Business Apps, which is comprised of a suite of apps, tools, and systems that help you to manage your voice business more efficiently.

As the world’s leading voice provider, carrying over a billion minutes a week, we reach over 1600 service providers worldwide and invest continuously to improve our market-leading infrastructure. Let us provide you with the expertise, innovation and efficient solutions to evolve your voice business.