Signalling solutions connecting directly to more than 300 mobile operators with reach to 900+ interconnects.

The foundation for mobile messaging and roaming services is the signalling network that connects across mobile operator networks to ensure end-to-end delivery for international communications. Signalling services provide the connectivity that enables roaming and messaging between a mobile network operator and its roaming partners.

With the largest on-net signalling network, directly connecting over 300 mobile operators and with reach to more than 900 operators, Tata Communications interconnects mobile ecosystem players for messaging and roaming with best quality and consistency of signalling delivery across service provider networks, with the fewest number of routing hops and predictable two-way paths.

Our signalling services can be delivered over a number of network options, including TDM, IP, Global VPN, and IPX Connect (SCCP over IPX). Also supported is signalling evolution from SCCP to Diameter, ready for IMS and LTE roaming capabilities.