Consolidated access to multiple services with multiple transport options.

Mobile data traffic continues to grow exponentially, fueled by the adoption of smartphone, social networking, and video communications.  How can mobile service providers ensure customer quality as users roam to a different region, or when service is delivered outside of their network?

IPX Connect provides managed data transport and supports data roaming including GRX and IPX. Compliant with current GSMA standards with a commitment to IPX, IPX Connect brings the scalability, QoS, and security not previously available in GRX, enabling mobile service providers to deliver customer-driven applications such as voice, data, video, gaming, social networking, and beyond.

IPX Connect enables service providers to:

  • Deliver better quality with a clear migration path from GRX to IPX
  • Drive efficiency and manage growth with multi-service support
  • Foster innovation with faster time to new revenue