Our network delivers low latency with the greatest flexibility and control.

Business is dynamic. Markets change. You know from experience that the most adaptable companies are the ones that thrive. Depending on evolving business challenges, you must allocate assets at multiple locations to maximize profits and minimize losses. This fluid management of resources is one of the keys to your success. Your network should be as flexible as your business strategy.

As a leader in networking solutions, Tata Communications developed its Global Dedicated Ethernet to meet your business needs today and tomorrow. Our worldwide network provides you with flexible bandwidth options from 2MB up to 10,000MB, and offers adaptable solutions to fit your business needs both now and in the future. With MEF certification to guarantee end-to-end quality, our Ethernet services will satisfy your most stringent WAN requirements. We also offer low-latency Ethernet and, for our partners, external network-to-network interface.

Ethernet Services include:

  • Global Dedicated Ethernet
  • External Ethernet Network-to-Network Interface (NNI)
  • Low Latency Ethernet

Ethernet map
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