Our Tier-1 Content Delivery Network with integrated DDoS detection and mitigation ensures blazing fast content delivery even during large DDoS attacks — cutting page load times, eliminating video buffering and delivering HD live streams worldwide.

Your website may be in one place — but your users are scattered all around the world. The solution is putting your content close to your audiences using our global enterprise Content Delivery Network (CDN). We can provide the exact, scalable solution you need to accelerate and deliver a wide range of content. That includes HTML, CSS, java, videos, live streams and our LiveBroadcast technology that provides real-time delivery of live streaming content.

We can also help you grow your audience and revenue stream by delivering to virtually any device, including PCs, laptops, iOS devices Android devices, Blackberries and set-top boxes. In addition, you can enhance your offerings using our wide range of support services, including security, satellite teleports, transcoding and Video Connect, our fibre-based video network.     

Moreover, our global CDN comes with integrated protection from DDoS attacks, for protecting both edge and origin servers. You not only protect your online presence, but also optimise on cost since the solution mitigates attacks closer to their source and you do not have to pay for carriage of the malicious traffic over the CDN.     

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