With a wide array of services and the world’s largest fibre network, we give you one source for all your global communications needs.  

The information revolution is transforming the global economy and businesses everywhere. Communications technology is the engine driving this revolution.  

Today, Tata Communications owns and operates the world's largest wholly-owned fibre optic network, including the largest undersea cable network. Through our massive network, we help enterprises operate more efficiently with the highest quality voice, video, data and internet communications. That’s just the beginning. We also provide an array of innovative services that let enterprises streamline operations and save money. With Ethernet in 52 countries, accelerated MPLS Internet in 116 countries, a Tier-1 global IP network in 200 countries, and 44 data centres around the world, we are the global communications company you want on your team.   

Now, a single provider offers access to the full ecosystem of network, cloud and data centre connectivity.

The cloud is the new IT architecture for the enterprise, but the enterprise WAN is not optimised for the cloud. Although the cloud promises greater agility and performance, connectivity can be slow, inflexible and in some cases very expensive. Meanwhile, the public internet can’t meet demands for secure, reliable and predictable performance.

IZO™ gives you the best of all worlds, bringing together all of the pieces through a single provider – enabling you to build your cloud your way. 

Tata Communications’ IZO™ is the most comprehensive enterprise WAN and cloud enablement platform available today. It combines the public internet uniquely engineered to deliver business-class SLAs and encryption, with enterprise cloud connectivity and interconnected data centres to deliver a total cloud enablement solution that is predictable, secure and reliable.