Boost profitability with white label SIP trunking

Tata Communications Global SIP Connect white label service – our global, managed SIP offering – empowers service providers to serve customers in new markets not covered by their own network.

Global SIP Connect white label accelerates time-to-market and strengthens your existing portfolio with minimal investment. It means you don’t just protect existing revenues – you can grow them from specific target segments too.

Create quotes and respond to order status simply and seamlessly using our white label partner portal. 

  • Global reach to take your business further
    With our Global SIP white label offering built on Tata Communications’ global network, service providers can now reach new markets not covered by their own infrastructure.
  • Managed services make compliance easy
    Service providers can take advantage of enterprise-grade managed services – easily ensuring regulatory compliance in new geographies.
  • Increase your topline share of wallet
    Adding our SIP trunking service to an existing ICT product portfolio not only enables service providers to offer a more robust and sticky solution to their customers – it drives new upsell revenues and improves churn rates.
  • Minimise capital spend and effort
    By leveraging Tata Communications’ global SIP network, service providers can minimise CAPEX, resource investment and the long implementation cycles involved in building their own network.
  • Take the expressway to growth
    Our turnkey solution provides quick go-to-market enabling service providers to execute efficiently on their growth strategy.

Key features    

  • Global country coverage
    110-ITFS, 26-SIP outbound, 19-Full PSTN replacement, 62-local number service (300 cities), 45-UIFN
  • Country coverage as a percentage of world’s GDP
    94%–ITFS, 65%–SIP outbound, 51%–Full PSTN replacement, 87%–local number service (300 cities)
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) 
    Via our voice prioritised network
  • Enhanced call security and emergency handling 
    By tracing hoax calls and masking IP address
  • 99.99% reliability 
    Achieved by centralised PSTN with reduced interconnects and end-to-end management of your voice network
  • E.164 compliant 
    DID (Direct inward dialling) numbers
  • Diverse call options 
    Including network intelligent call routing (ICR), network interactive voice response (IVR), on-net or off-net calling, international toll-free service (ITFS), local number service (LNS), universal international freephone number (UIFN), domestic outbound

To find out more, download the datasheet or contact us to sign up for a demo of the white label portal.