New Generation Communications App Providers - Give your customers reach to the telecom world. 

The arrival of over-the-top (OTT) enabled services means that communication options are more fragmented than they were ten years ago – with individuals often communicating within a more ‘closed’ community of similarly connected users. The attraction of using OTT apps for voice and messaging services is that they are generally free and easy to use. However, the service is only free and generally available if one user is sending a message or conducting a voice conversation with another user via the same application.

We have developed a solution that opens the closed OTT app community to the wider telecommunications world. By acquiring local number ranges from our mobile network operator partners in multiple countries, and combining this with our Mobile Messaging Exchange and voice service capabilities, we can assign a local telephone number to an OTT app user.

In this way we can enable an OTT app user to connect with anybody in the telecoms world just as they would using a conventional telephone number, rather than limiting their communications to other members of a closed app community.