Enhance productivity and boost profits

Today’s global marketplace means many teams can only connect virtually, with employees spread across branches and regional sites. Almost 78% of employees in Fortune 500 companies are now part of a virtual team. At the same time enterprises struggle to choose and unify their conferencing technology islands, which often drives focus away from business towards technology. To meet the challenges of worldwide collaboration, enterprises need a technology partner who is global and has the ability to realise the transformation needs of your communications strategy. 



Multiple, modular solutions  

Tata Communications’ unified conferencing services will help your business evolve to quickly adapt to market challenges while increasing productivity and providing you unparalleled competitive advantage. They deliver the tools to help your employees collaborate more effectively across audio, web and video. Whether working independently, or integrated with existing products and UCC solutions, our modular service portfolio will boost productivity across your business. The services are designed with high levels of interoperability to overcome the challenges of integrating technology islands. All the services are delivered on our global tier-1 internet backbone assuring you of a high quality reliable service.

From conferencing to cloud-connected audio, you have a complete suite of products that enable you to scale quickly and adapt effectively to changing market conditions. With our technology delivering limitless collaboration, you can focus on leveraging this competitive edge to its full effect.