Our dedicated private lines provide secure and scalable point-to-point connections wherever your enterprise needs it. 

If your enterprise depends on moving data safely and securely between strategic locations, a dedicated circuit may be the solution. Our Private Line service gives you a highly-scalable, secure and protocol-transparent dedicated line for your most sensitive, mission-critical traffic. 

For sending data securely between countries and continents, choose our International Private Line. It offers a variety of routing, uptime, and service options for your global communications. Built on our extensive subsea cable network, including the world’s only fibre optic ring, and more than 20 consortium cables covering 710,000 km over 240 countries and territories, we can offer you the high-speed global voice, video and data connectivity that's second to none.  Choose from a wide range of bandwidth and interface options, including Sub-E1, E3, DS3, STM1/4/16/64 and 10G LAN/WAN PHY. 

In addition, our India National Private Line service provides reliable and secure point-to-point connectivity throughout India. Via a 50,000 km optical fibre network and more than 210 Points of Presence, it includes optional low-latency synchronous connectivity of up to 10G with fast, dependable disaster recovery. This service also integrates seamlessly with our international network so you can easily connect your global and domestic operations through a single service provider.