WAN problems are frustrating at any time. But not knowing their full extent and impact on user experience and productivity makes it more difficult not only to respond now, but also plan for the future. 

As the network serves more users and applications, deterioration in terms of congestion and other poor performance problems can also quickly set in.

Our suite of powerful Application Aware Networking (AAN) services – Audit, Advanced Reporting, Dynamic Path Selection and Experience Management – offer a proven solution. By delivering more insight and control than ever before, our tools help you focus on business strategy, rather than network technology.

At Tata Communications, we do more than just lead the way in communications technology; we also offer forward-thinking ways of doing business. 

AAN Audit

Examine your WAN architecture and analyse usage

End users may be running applications that are new to the network. As a result, you may have limited insight into how much bandwidth they use, and whether they meet business objectives. Audit shines a light across the network, generating reports on overall architecture and enabling administrators to analyse bandwidth requirements. The service makes recommendations for capacity planning, configuration changes, equipment upgrades, security policy, network optimisation and traffic management. The result? Firm foundations for devising improved network access policies, a scientific approach to bandwidth upgrade or downgrade, and an enhanced end-user experience.

AAN Advanced Reporting

Near real-time WAN visibility for better planning and analysis

Know what’s happening across your network and identify issues before they become problems. A fully customisable dashboard lets you set up the reports you need, and enables you to monitor and measure network-wide application performance. You can also generate reports on network usage(based on application, port, client or host) and performance to pinpoint the most critical applications, identify bottlenecks and take action to manage congestion. The probe-based option can help you manage flow control with granular policies to prioritise or control inbound and outbound traffic.

AAN Dynamic Path Selection

Intelligent routing to improve performance over multiple connections

Multiple connections with different performance levels overall give better network availability. However, it might not always give you better user experience. If the traffic running on these links are not properly planned and executed, you might still get congestion even with enough total bandwidth. By forming a routing policy based on predefined lists of applications of different importance, you will get the maximum utilisation as well as optimal user experience out of your multiple WAN connections.

AAN Experience Management

A fully managed model with experience level guarantees 

Our end-to-end managed network service takes care of network management, provisioning and end-user performance commitment 24/7/365 with periodic capacity review on a complete OPEX model. You benefit from a unified Service Level Agreement across all regions with a unique Experience Level Agreement that guarantees performance for particular applications, groups or even individuals. It means you don’t have to make do with one-size-fits-all solutions and, as you only pay for what you use, you have more control. 

We create the commercial model to suit your business, taking into account everything from managing capital costs to scaling capacity in line with your growth.