The world has gone mobile.

Your customers and employees access your services using smartphones and tablet devices, at work, at home and at play. Improve customer interaction and increase satisfaction through mobile service innovation, powered by Tata Communications. 

  • Turn mobile data into marketing gold. Sponsor your content across the mobile channel for broader reach and adoption of your services. Serve mobile advertising to engage your target audience wherever they are. Use data to reward customer loyalty and participate in joint and affiliate marketing with your partners. 
  • Use mobile messaging to reach your customers wherever they are, with alerts, reminders, reservation confirmations, special offers and password information. In an always-on society, mobile messaging is an ideal way to reach your customers. 
  • Simplify mobile integration with our suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) including CloudRTC, 2FA and Payments, helping you build, grow and monetise your mobile application quickly, without the need for capital expenditure. 
  • Open your IP communications app to the wider telecommunications world. We acquire local number ranges from our partners and assign a local telephone number to an IP communications app user. Your users can then connect with anybody in the wider telecoms community.


Your mobile innovation partner:

  • 20 years of IP communications experience
  • 15 patents awarded in IP communications and IP network technology
  • Focus on social, mobility, analytics and cloud
  • Annual F1® Connectivity Innovation competition 
  • IOT and M2M connectivity and VAS


Connect with your customers through the mobile channel to diversify your service offerings and bring added value to your business.