Participate in a future where everything is born connected

We’re equipping enterprises to seize the immense opportunities in a world where people and things are always connected – and where the old barriers of networks and borders simply don’t apply.



Tata Communications MOVE platform enables an access and usage agnostic, cross-border mobile experience for people and things. For enterprises, it means a far better user experience, significant reduction in operational costs and the ability to access new opportunities and exploit them more quickly.

Fully managed, and underpinned by our global network and partnerships with 600+ mobile network operators, Tata Communications MOVE guarantees consistently high quality at low cost.

Tata Communications MOVE - IOT Connect
Enables seamless machine-to-machine connectivity across locations and country borders for significant cost and operational advantages. Speak to Tata Communications to understand how we can help your business harness the power of IoT. All areas of a business can benefit however the following sectors are particularly suitable:

  • Automotive, including Fleet Management and Connected Cars
  • Aviation & Airlines
  • Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare, with a focus on Tele-Medicine, Patient Monitoring and M-Health
  • Oil, Gas and Wind Energy, focussing on asset management and maintenance
  • Travel, Tourism and the Hospitality sector


Tata Communications MOVE - Mobile Network Enablement
Now any organization can become an MVNO, scaling up and down to launch services for employees or customers. Tata Communications provides the coverage, control, billing, subscriber management and resources to enable your organisation to offer mobile services. Our solution can also combined with other Tata Communications services, such as security, connectivity and cloud storage to provide a bespoke solution, designed around the exacting needs of your business.


Tata Communications MOVE – SIM Connect
Let your employees stay connected to your enterprise network from any device, wherever they are – with no need to replace the SIM to access local mobile networks. We offer mobile access in over 200 countries through 600+ mobile operators, so you’ll always be connected, no matter where you roam.

As well as great coverage SIM Connect also offers the following features:

  • Coverage - Global coverage and roaming access to 600+ MNOs in over 200 countries.
  • Flexibility - Individual airtime plans, or shared data plans for more efficient usage
  • Self-Care Portal - Individual airtime plans, or shared data plans for more efficient usage
  • Integration - API suite for integration with your own systems and platforms
  • Call Quality - Combining our own core network and regional breakout for better customer experience
  • Security - Easy to define and implement data protection policies via portal