Enterprises need to be able to take advantage of converging trends associated with digital transformation, mobile first enterprise strategies, the platform economy and Network as a Service. OEMs want to be able to embed connectivity in their devices, for ease of use and a seamless experience. Enterprise IOT initiatives need to be able to function regardless of location. Enterprise employees need to be able to communicate wherever they are without compromising enterprise security or incurring huge costs.


In response to these needs Tata Communications MOVE platform enables the launch of rich device (IoT) and human, secure global connectivity services with unparalleled control over cost and quality. The solution comprises Access; Infrastructure; Subscriber Management; Device Management; APIs; Self-Service Portal and Billing. It provides a managed service environment, supplemented by select partner capabilities, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness and time to market advantage.

In addition to cross-border communication services Tata Communications MOVE enables any organisation to become an MVNO, scaling both up and down so that MVNO services can be launched for your employees or customers even if there are just a few hundred of them. 

In addition to enabling global mobility, Tata Communications also provides enterprises with a comprehensive range of mobile customer engagement services that let you communicate and interact with your customers using the mobile channel – including mobile messaging for customer services, security and campaign management, together with open market sponsored data, mobile loyalty, mobile data gifting and an API suite including APIs for WebRTC, Authentication and Mobile Financial Services.