A game changer for live action



Over the top (OTT) internet streaming may have caused a revolution in the way we consume content, but that revolution stopped short when it came to live action. Until now.

Tata Communications’ Live OTT is a low latency, synchronous streaming network that enables the real-time delivery of live action across multiple screens, devices and markets – for the very first time.

Where traditional OTT platforms adapt to each user’s connection, causing lags of anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, our Live OTT service ensures seamless, simultaneous delivery anywhere in the world. Screen to screen, city to city, country to country – your audience consumes the same content at the same time.

The possibilities for broadcasters and content owners are endless. Live events become social phenomena, as viewers can tweet, share and celebrate without the fear of spoilers. And with second screen synchronization and personalized advertising, Live OTT enables levels of interaction that you’ve never seen before.

"It is very interesting to prove that, with the latest equipment and techniques, it is possible to achieve an online delivery of additional content with no delay relative to the main live programme on the screen." 
-John Morrison, Formula One Management’s Chief Technical Officer