Our advanced security controls ensure that your network protections are always in place and up to date.  

To guard against both newly emerging and existing threats, every enterprise must constantly keep up with the latest patches, vulnerabilities and updates. It’s a critical part of any security strategy. Our Vulnerability Management Controls help you effectively and efficiently meet the challenge. Using a proven, two-pronged approach, we first scan your network both inside and out looking for vulnerable points that can be exploited. This process gives you valuable insights into the state of your installed patches, policy configurations, and coding weaknesses in deployed applications and infrastructure.  At the same time we monitor all traffic for anomalies and clean data packets to preempt the launch of any threat. 

Vulnerability Management

As the core of any comprehensive information security program, our Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) is a proactive solution that finds and fixes security vulnerabilities. Designed for both large-scale global deployments and small or remote offices, VMS is a comprehensive, on-demand service. It covers everything from discovery, policy creation, scanning, reporting, and remediation workflows to quickly and accurately identifying and eliminating security vulnerabilities. We offer four levels of service to give you choice and flexibility in meeting your unique requirements.

Managed Proxy

This service provides an additional layer of protection for your enterprise, delivering full network visibility, application-level protection and granular control over WAN traffic. We offer two deployment modes based on your proxy usage scenarios – Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy. Each prevents the spread of viruses and spyware while delivering full network and application visibility. Integrated security functionality also ensures that remote users operate within corporate usage policies and are protected from external threats while accessing the internet and externally hosted applications.

Virtual Proxy (vProxy)

Working as a cloud-based web security service, our Virtual Proxy seamlessly removes viruses, spyware, malware and other threats from internet sites that your users access. It’s ideal for organisations that need to deploy a centralised proxy service, but do not want the expense of establishing an in-house infrastructure. The service is perfect for ensuring secure internet connectivity for companies that have roaming users and  distributed offices and sites.

Email Security and Anti-spam Services

Our ReadyMailSecure service filters out harmful content from emails, including 99.99% of all viruses and spam. It enforces corporate-level policies regarding acceptable content, confidentiality, and archiving to make sure that your email system is not used improperly. In addition, it includes a redundant seven day inbound mail queue with no size limits to ensure that you never lose a message in the event of an outage.