Tighten up the security for your digital transformation journey

A secure network remains top of the agenda for every forward-thinking enterprise. But how do you ensure you stay ahead of constantly evolving malicious intent? While also continuously deploying and monitoring the security systems you need right across your business?

Tata Communications can help defend your organisation from a wide range of network attacks through our innovative Adaptive Security framework. Fully customisable options will match your exact security requirements – and your budget. We’ll help you meet your security goals while keeping operating costs under control. 

We’re fully configured to deal with traditional and agile IT security needs and can strengthen your security profile – while also protecting your clients’ data on any device, anywhere, any time. With multi-platform support, industry-leading SLAs and 24/7/365 monitoring, Tata Communications’ fully compliant Security Services portfolio means you’re always on standby to meet ever-tougher security demands.

  • The Enrichment Layer, which provides visibility and context across Industry verticals through a combination of threat intelligence, vendor insights, local policies and compliance, all of which are integrated with our intelligent analytics platform to provide actionable insights for our customers.
  • An integrated portfolio, which provides comprehensive protection capabilities, bringing together predictive, preventive, detective and response capabilities, all combined with continuous lifecycle management of technology and processes within the enterprise.
  • A holistic framework designed to meet today’s demand for agility, flexibility and scalability through rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of workloads, securing all target environments within the enterprise.

Comprehensive Adaptive Security
With an integrated security framework underpinning the network, user, application and data to deliver protection 24/7/365 protection. 


Enhanced Visibility & Control
With a single self-service portal and real-time reporting on an integrated dashboard, all backed up with performance-based SLAs. 


With cloud-based security, so there’s no need to buy in hardware or expertise – it’s all fully available and scalable. 


Lower Cost of Ownership
With no appliances to purchase, which means minimum Capex and a reduced Opex, along with no vendor lock-in. 


Our Security Operations Centre