Your employees want to work from anywhere, on any device. Your customer base spans cities, countries and continents. So how do you keep everyone connected and working effectively?


The answer is Cisco Spark – a simple, secure space where you can get things done from anywhere in the world. Digitising your workplace and workflows, Cisco Spark connects physical and virtual spaces providing your teams with new ways to work together.

It all starts with the app – meet instantly or schedule ahead, make a call or join your team in a virtual room. Screen share, white board, and make decisions fast.With your teams, tools, documents and discussions all in one place, across any device, you can be part of the conversation no matter where you are in the world.


Cisco Spark’s always-on messaging means you never miss a thing. With messages, files and drawings stored in the same space, it’s easy to share or find information, ask questions and move projects forward quickly. And with unlimited spaces for every project or conversation, it’s easy to stay organised. 


Schedule and join a meeting anywhere, from any device – sharing content before, during and after your conference. With everything connected in the cloud, you can switch devices mid-meeting, without missing a beat. 


Connect existing PSTN services with Cisco Spark to make calls from mobiles, desktops and room-based devices. With contacts and call history synced, and voicemail accessible from anywhere, keeping in touch has never been easier. 

Space to create

See your ideas take shape with the Cisco Spark Board – a uniquely interactive whiteboard that lets your imagination take flight. Sketch it out and share it around, all in 4K Ultra HD. It will transform your meetings – and your business.

Start small, think big

A flexible subscription model means you can add the services you need, as and when you need them. So whether you’re looking to sync your calendars or create an enterprise-wide conferencing solution, Cisco Spark can make your connections happen.

One click to the cloud 

Connecting your endpoints in the cloud, Cisco Spark gives you access to a simple, secure collaboration space from anywhere in the world. Easy to implement and quick to update, there’s no need to invest in new infrastructure that’s soon out of date. And because Cisco Spark is built with an open architecture, it integrates seamlessly with existing apps and bots.

Unleash your UCaaS potential  

With Tata Communications, Cisco Spark is just the beginning. Leverage our Spark Hybrid service to enjoy full interoperability with your existing systems – and our complete suite of best-of-breed UCaaS solutions.

Choose Cisco Spark Call – a cloud-based phone system – or our Spark Hybrid service, to leverage our managed Cisco phone service and connect to the rest of your Spark suite. With both options backed by the power of Tata Communications’ Global SIP Connect, you can expand your business and reach new markets – and 89% of the world’s GDP – with just one click. 

With Tata Communications, you enjoy the ease and consistency of one, powerful partner for all your enterprise communications. And thanks to the coverage of our Global SIP Connect, you can reach new markets and new heights of productivity potential.