The number and intensity of fraud incidents and cyber-attacks has reached record levels. These attacks are costing service providers billions of dollars every year. You need round-the-clock fraud protection and network security management, to provide effective defence against fraud and network attacks.

At Tata Communications we apply advanced protection and prevention techniques, including machine learning, real-time monitoring, data analytics, risk management, alerts and proactive reporting. 

We quickly detect potential patterns of attack and take action to protect you. Working across wireline and wireless, voice and data services, we defend you against multiple types of fraud and network security attack, helping you to protect your business and protect your customers.

Working together, we can design a programme that perfectly fits your requirements and budget. Using industry-leading tools, technology and expertise, we secure and protect your business, for typically a fraction of the cost of maintaining in-house security systems and fraud management resources. 

Our approach makes it easy for you to meet your fraud protection and network security objectives, while keeping operating costs under control. Many communications service providers around the world depend on our services to defend their business against fraud and cyber-attacks.