Digital technology is enabling a new information age that global enterprises are best positioned to exploit.

Information that flows into and throughout an enterprise from smart objects, devices and intelligent machines can now be captured, analysed and immediately utilised. This new layer of connected intelligence empowers employees, automates processes and enables new insights into and control over business operations.

For mobile services this means a continuing adoption of the mobile channel to access and exchange data and information. Yet international mobile data connectivity is expensive, while quality of experience is variable. As mobile data becomes the predominant traffic type and as 4G and in future 5G become prevalent, these issues need to be overcome, so that secure, cost effective, quality mobile data connectivity can be provided, with commercial flexibility.

In response to this need we have developed Tata Communications MOVE, our mobile network as a service platform, providing comprehensive global mobility coverage. This platform based approach to mobile communications supports rich human and device (M2M/IoT) secure connectivity services with unparalleled control and improved end user quality of experience. The platform enables global employee mobile connectivity, as well as comprehensive MVNE services for enterprises.

As a leader and innovator in digital communication technologies, we can help your enterprise smoothly navigate into and through this new digital age.