The global economy is in constant flux, offering new opportunities for enterprises that are agile enough to take advantage of them. Many enterprises today are focused on the high growth economies in Asia, Africa and South America. If your enterprise is looking to take advantage of those markets, you have plenty of company. It’s estimated that there are more than 20,000 multi-national enterprises already there competing for business. That’s why you’ll require more than a good marketing plan to succeed. You’ll need fast, efficient, and coordinated communications and network services to gain a competitive edge. 

Our global communications infrastructure can provide that edge.

Our subsea and terrestrial fibre network covers 710,000 km, giving you fast, reliable communication to five continents with city-to-city connectivity, ensuring fast, reliable communication and collaboration. To help you coordinate initiatives between your home office and the field, our global telepresence network offers convenient video conferencing facilities in key economic centres. And our innovative jamveeTM Unified Communications service lets your people easily collaborate outside the workplace using personal telepresence systems, PCs, Macs, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and most web browsers. It’s one of many innovative communication capabilities available only from Tata Communications.