Enable speedier and more efficient working with Application Performance Optimisation.

When your business starts expanding across the globe, what you gain in new markets you can lose in network efficiency. The sheer geographical distances between your sites or congestion on the network can severely affect your applications, lengthening the time it takes to respond to an end-user’s requests.

The traditional solution is to throw bandwidth at the problem. In emerging markets and remote locations, you end up paying for as much bandwidth possible, which can increase costs dramatically and cannot provide throughput to applications. And there’s another problem. If you suddenly need to extend services in a new market, your existing network might not be scalable enough to add more users, applications or locations in a short time.

Our solution

Tata Communications’ Application Performance Optimisation ensures efficient application performance across all your offices and locations, no matter what the geographical spread. By accelerating application performance, while simultaneously enabling a reduced bandwidth, it ensures optimal utilisation and superior user experience, leading to improved staff productivity. That’s good news for your business, your staff morale and your bottom line.

To learn more about the features and benefits of Application Performance Optimisation, download the datasheet on this page.