Like all Tata companies, Tata Communications has always believed in returning wealth to the societies it serves.

Two-thirds of the equity of Tata Sons, the Tata promoter holding company, is held by philanthropic trusts that have created national institutions for science and technology, medical research, social studies and the performing arts. The trusts also provide aid and assistance to non-government organisations working in the areas of education, healthcare and livelihoods. Tata Companies also extend social welfare activities to communities around their industrial units. The combined development-related expenditure of the trusts and the companies amounts to around 3% of the group's net profits in 2011.

From customer to community, the Tata Companies invest in resources for the various markets and regions it serves. The Tata Companies' philanthropic trusts and global community initiatives develop and sustain services that promote health and education, leadership and technical training, and arts and sports programmes.