Live-action streaming
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Ultra-Live VDN

Every device. In sync.
No delay.

  • Deliver optimal live experiences to every device
  • Supply live action in real time with synchronous streaming
  • Avoid the traditional delay of other OTT platforms
  • Serve the same content at the same time to all audiences
  • Support acquisition, reforming and distribution of video
  • Leverage Tata Communications’ unique global network

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  • Viewers can tweet, share and celebrate
  • No need to switch off social media


  • No sluggish delay
  • Video is truly live


  • Easily switch between video streams
  • Supports companion apps and second screens

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The power of live – unleashed

Over the top (OTT) internet streaming never delivered for live action. Now it does. Tata Communications’ Live OTT enables real-time delivery of live action across multiple screens, devices and markets.

Viewers can experience live channels and interact with live events and each other in a completely different way. And because all the action is truly live, there’s no need to switch off social media to avoid spoilers.

There are also new opportunities for sponsors and rightsholders too – with Live OTT allowing content owners to develop new and exciting ways to present live action. This is the future of spectator media.

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Go OTT with Tata Communications

  • Synchronisation: independent frame sync across devices enables sharing and interaction
  • Constant low delay: to enhance the viewing experience
  • Resilient streaming: for better picture quality
  • Rapid channel switch: with support for rich features including picture within a picture
  • Swipe: an intuitive interface for changing channels
  • Instant cloud casting: elevated all-screen experience with instant video casting from second screen to TV screen with no delay

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Bring fans even closer to the action

  • Immerse your audience in the experience and increase sponsorship opportunities
  • Enrich every broadcast with companion apps to attract more viewers and advertising
  • Take advantage of B2C platform possibilities
  • Create new revenue streams with direct subscriber services and sponsorship
  • Support all major devices and distribution platforms through a direct distribution channel
  • Harvest engagement data to gain insights and enhance the service

It is very interesting to prove that, with the latest equipment and techniques, it is possible to achieve an online delivery of additional content with no delay relative to the main live programme on the screen.

John Morrison

CTO, Formula One

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  • 300 media hotspots in 125 cities
  • #1 wholly owned world's largest subsea fibre network
  • 1.5 Million+ square metres of data space
  • 3 of the 5 most visited video sites
  • 5 of the 5 most visited social media sites


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