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  • Deliver an unmissable experience with scalable, ready-to-deploy digital platforms
  • Capture and engage the digital generation of sports fans with a rich, multi-screen experience
  • Give sports viewers the chance to interact with the action, and with each other
  • Reach niche audiences across the globe
  • Make sure your infrastructure can always move up to higher quality content

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It’s time to move to real-time

Sports fans want instant, real-time coverage of live events across TV and devices. With Tata Communications, you can take the action to fans across the globe and across a huge variety of channels.

Our Media Ecosystem solution portfolio leverages our global media, connectivity and cloud capabilities to transform your operations. The Ultra Live OTT service makes OTT work in perfect synchronicity with TV – a must-have for live sports.

We already work with some of the world’s most popular sports, including Formula One and Moto GP. Thanks to our global network, the world’s largest, you can reach sports fans anywhere in the world, and be ready for high quality UHD, 360 video and other formats.

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  • 300 media hotspots in 125 cities
  • #1 wholly owned world's largest subsea fibre network
  • 1.5 Million+ square metres of data space
  • 3 of the 5 most visited video sites
  • 5 of the 5 most visited social media sites


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